How We Run – Our Governance

The Saudi Society for Food & Nutrition (SSFN) operates as a not-for-profit, limited liability organization granted charitable status in November 2007. Our Board of Trustees, elected by our membership, serves as the directors overseeing the organization’s activities.

Our flexible organizational structure ensures alignment with fundamental objectives while accommodating shifts in emphasis and evolutionary change. Standing Committees and Forums advise the Board of Trustees on relevant topics and activities.

Petition for Chartership:

SSFN is actively pursuing the status of a Chartered body, a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence. Learn more about our petition for chartership.

Annual General Meeting (AGM):

Open to Members and Fellows, the AGM occurs annually in March. Members can access agendas, financial statements, and associated documents.


Comprising volunteers, Executive Team members, and a Board representative, Committees oversee specific areas and provide feedback to the Board. Forums contribute to policy development and inform debates.


SSFN operates across various branches, facilitating local events, competitions, and meetings for members in different geographical areas.

Special Interest Groups:

These groups offer members with common interests a platform to connect professionally.


SSFN’s awards program recognizes outstanding achievements in the food science community. From Honorary Fellowship to the Impact Award, we celebrate exceptional contributions by food professionals.