How to be a member

Membership is offered by the Administrative Board, starts from the beginning of financial year and end in with its end. Membership fees should be paid with the beginning of the financial year. Types of membership are four:

Honorary membership:

Awarded on approval of the society general assembly to persons and organization/institutions and companies who have donated materials or services to the society or those who have contributed in developing food and nutrition in any way.

Advantages :

of institutions/companies honorary memberships, who have adopted and undertaken monetary contributions, supported the establishment and have continued funding of the society are:

1- Display of their names and slogans in an appropriate and apparent position in the society website socially advertising publications such as journals, pamphlets, newsletters, and posters whenever issued.

2- Display of their names and slogans during society meetings, symposiums and conferences in a continuous consistent manner.

3- An honorary member has the right to declare his membership in his printed materials and advertisements.

4- An honorary company member will receive 5 free full memberships (with all advantages/privileges) to be given to 5 of its employee, together with 5 copies of all printed matters and publications including their subscriptions.

Subscription fees:

The least annual fee for honorary member is RS 25000, which can be more.

Name of honorary members shall be listed in descending order; the highest contribution first, and if two are equal, the order shall be based on starting date of membership.

Honorary membership shall be deleted on cessation of annual monetary contributions.

Privileges of individual honorary member:

Free of charge membership.

Honorary member is welcomed to attain and participate in all society activities, and is granted free copy of each society publication.

b) Professional membership:

Professional membership is offered to (who are willing) graduates of food science and nutrition and relevant disciplines for SR100 annual fees.

Privileges of professional member (individuals):

Attending and participating in all society activities, presented 30% discount for each society publication.

Attendance of society general assembly and share of discussions, nominate and candidacy to board of directors and have the right to vote.

c) Associate affiliate membership:

Companies and institutions establishment affiliate membership is offered to companies and establishments related to society domains and annual membership fee is SR 5000.

Advantages and privilege of affiliate membership companies and establishments:

Inclusion of name in the list of supporting companies recognized in society newsletter, leaflets and publications, after registration.

The affiliate member have the right to mention that he is/it’s a member in society publications and advertisements.

Free (full advantaged) professional membership to three employees and 3 free copies of all publications including membership.


Offered to undergraduates, student and students in relevant specializations (annual membership fee is SR 50 and SR 25 for undergraduate university students).

Advantages of affiliation membership (Individuals):

Attendance and participation in all society activities and obtaining of 30% discount of all society activities fees, and shall have the right for nominations candidacy and voting for board of directors.

After conversance and knowledge of all types of membership, a membership form shall be filled indicating desired type of membership enclosing (with) copy of deposit coupon of the membership fee, Samba Iban No.: SA6640000000002680740297.

Notice to members:

Those who are willing to prescribe or renew their participation are invited to fill membership electronic form presented in the International Cooperation Administration a Scientific Society Site (The unified system of membership, press here to order membership and inquiry, please e-mail the society on its electronic mail).