Memberships for Companies

A- Honorary member

It is granted to companies or institutions that undertake to contribute financially and monitor the Society’s funding on an ongoing basis (at least 2,500 riyals annually). The advantages of an honorary member are:

  • His name and logo are included appropriately and clearly on the Society’s website and in all the Society’s media publications, such as posters, brochures, flyers, and magazines whenever they are issued.
  • His name and logo are constantly prominent in the Society’s meetings and seminars.
  • The honorary member has the right to mention that he is an honorary member in his publications and advertisements, but this does not include products.
  • An honorary member receives free full membership for five of his employees, as well as five free copies of publications, including the same subscription.

B – Affiliate membership:

A legal affiliate membership is granted to companies and institutions related to the Society’s field (the subscription fee is 5000 riyals). The advantages of a legal affiliate member are:

  • His name is included in the list of companies supporting the Society and mentioned in the newsletters and magazines issued by the Society after his participation in the Society.
  • The member has the right to mention that he is a member of the Saudi Food and Nutrition Society in his publications and advertisements only, and this does not include products.
  • The affiliated legal member (the company) obtains active membership (with all its privileges) for three of its employees and three copies of the Society’s publications, including the subscription.

After reviewing the types of membership, fill out the membership form specifying the type of membership you desire and attach a copy of the voucher for depositing the membership amount into the Society’s account with the National Bank of Saudi Arabia and the IBAN number: SA8610000069100001497302 and clarifying the postal box number, postal code, and city.

Note regarding membership: Those wishing to subscribe to membership or renew must fill out the electronic membership application form located on the website of the Department of International Cooperation and Scientific Societies (Unified Membership System) Click here to request membership and for inquiries, please send a message to the Society’s e-mail).

Diverse Membership Levels for Organizations

Memberships for Companies

SSFN offers two distinct memberships for companies and institutions, each subject to approval by the Board of Directors. These memberships cater to diverse organizational needs and objectives.

Honorary Membership

SAR 2500/Year

Affiliate Membership

SAR 5000/Year

Seamless Membership Process

Follow The 4 Easy Steps

Joining SSFN is a breeze! Simply follow four straightforward steps to become a member, unlocking a world of opportunities in food and nutrition.

Select Membership Type

Choose from Regular, Associate, Student, or Honorary memberships based on your eligibility and preferences.

Complete Application Form

Fill out the membership application form, providing necessary details and ensuring accuracy.

Provide Necessary Documents

Submit documents such as academic records for student memberships or supporting materials.

Board Approval and Confirmation

Await Board approval; on confirmation, receive membership details and benefits.