SSFN Goals

Our Objectives

  1. Development of scientific knowledge in food and  human nutrition.
  2. Achievement of scientific communication among the society’s members.
  3. Provision of scientific advice in food and human nutrition.
  4. Facilitate the exchange of scientific information.
  5. Developing the scientific and professional performance of the association’s members.

Our Activities

  • The society’s most important activities are as follows:

  • Encouraging research and providing scientific and technical services to the community.
  • Writing and translating scientific books pertinent to the society’s specialization and relevant fields.
  • Conducting scientific studies of direct applicability to the food and nutrition industry.
  • Convening symposia, seminars and workshops.
  • Publishing manuscripts, journals and other publications in the fields of food and nutrition.
  • Participating in local and international exhibitions.
  • Inviting scientists and intellectuals to contribute to the society’s activities as determined by its governing regulations.
  • Organizing scientific tours and competitions among the society’s members.