Publishing Rules

Journal of the Saudi Society for Food & Nutrition

(Introduction and Publication Guidelines)

Journal Name:

Journal of the Saudi Society for Food & Nutrition

Publication Frequency:

Biannually at present, with no publication fees. Authors receive 25 complimentary copies in addition to one free copy of the journal issue in which their research is published.

Publication Policy:

  1. The editorial board has the right to decide on the suitability of the research for peer review.
  2. All submissions undergo peer review by experienced and reputable experts.
  3. Each research paper is reviewed by at least two referees, and the editor-in-chief may appoint a third referee in case of disagreement between the first two.
  4. The referees’ opinions are advisory, and the editorial board alone has the right to accept or reject their recommendations.
  5. The editor-in-chief promptly notifies the author of the research about its suitability for publication.

Publication Guidelines:

Research submissions to the journal are accepted based on the following criteria:

  1. The research should not have been previously published or submitted to another journal.
  2. Withdrawal of a research paper during peer review or after its approval for publication in the journal is not permitted.
  3. The length of the research paper, including tables, figures, and references, should not exceed 15 pages.
  4. The journal does not consider rejected submissions.
  5. Research papers can be written in either Arabic or English, with an abstract in the other language.

Scientific Paper Writing Guidelines:

A. General Instructions:

  1. Submit the original research in two copies, double-spaced on A4-sized paper, numbered consecutively. Tables, figures, and references should also be numbered sequentially.
  2. Include a 250-word abstract outlining the research’s objective, methodology, and main results.
  3. Format the paper under main headings: Introduction, Research Methods and Materials, Results and/or Findings and Discussion, and References.

B. References:

Cite references in the text using the author’s name and year of publication (in parentheses). Arrange the reference list alphabetically by the author’s name and chronologically for a single author, including the author’s name, publication year, paper title, journal name, volume number, and page numbers.

Examples of English References:

Carrol, K. K. (1991). Review of clinical studies on cholesterol lowering response of soy protein. Am. Diet Assoc. 91:820-827.

Examples of Arabic References:

Research in a Scientific Journal:

Basfar, A., & Abdulrahim, F. (2003). An improved method for detecting radiation-contaminated bones using the electronic rotary resonant tester. Journal of King Saud University (Agricultural Sciences), 15(1), 45-51.

Book by an Author:

Al-Owaidah, E. H. (1999). Meal planning. Scientific Publishing and Printing, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, page number.

Book Chapter – Edited:

Shlenbarger, J. A. (1978). Wheat production and uses in “Chemistry and Technology of Wheat” (Ed. Yeomans, Y.). American Society of Grain Chemists. St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, page numbers 1-8.

Chapter in a Book:

Aboulghia, I. H. (1990). Milk dryers, in “Milk Powder Technology and Its Products”. Technical Offset Press, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, page number, pages.


Al-Ruwaili, M. A. (1997). Growth and viability of Bifidobacteria and protein analysis in full-fat camel milk. Master’s Thesis, King Saud University, 114 pages.

C. Abbreviations and Units:

Abbreviate journal titles based on The World List of Scientific Periodicals. Use internationally recognized abbreviations for units (e.g., cm, mm, m, kg, %) following the SI system.

D. Tables, Figures, and Images:

Ensure that tables and figures fit within the journal’s page dimensions. They should be clear and detailed, with a brief title and sequential numbering.

E. Latest Printing Instructions:

Print according to IBM-MS Word Latest Version, using Simplified Arabic font size 16 for main titles and size 14 for text and footnotes in Arabic papers. For English papers, use Times New Roman, with the main title in size 14 centered and text and footnotes in size 12.

F. Correspondence:

Editor-in-Chief – Journal of the Saudi Society for Food & Nutrition

College of Food and Agriculture Sciences – King Saud University

P.O. Box: 2460, Riyadh 11451, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: 4679732 – 1 – 966, Fax: 4679733 – 1 – 966

Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]